Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Uncodist' Uncoded

I'm one of the few lucky individuals who touched the keyboard in early 90's, enjoyed full flavor of texty MS-DOS and Word Perfect 5.1, instead of friendly MS-Office. But I'm not that much lucky to owe one (computer) at that time. It was 2001, if I'm not wrong.

After some couple of months, I discovered website as a powerful media, which is cheap from cost perspective. That time I didn't have any training, or any formal education; and it's true till today. But what happened? Being a student of business studies how I came to learn web making? The answer lies in some dedicated writers in the web world, they are commonly known as 'Tech Bloggers'. I appreciate those great works of spreading knowledge which support great innovations. Since I have learned from those webs, I'm greatly thankful to them and their works.

Now, despite of having so many great contributor, why an illiterate like me start talking on this topic, where he's still a Zero! Well, here is it. For my website, while I look for required codes and information, many a times, I found some write-ups are not friendly enough. Roughly it can be better told, they are lack of image, easy language and weak demonstration. Some of them just have the headline and lots of texts but not required information.

And all these, make me to start writing for IT. This site will be mainly a "How-to" page majorly covering IT and related issues. It may light on other different relevant issues. Language may be both, Bangla and English; but it doesn't mean a translation. Let's see how far it can go.

Keep connected.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Uncodist Test Blog

'Uncodist' from SHAON84, will be 'uncoded' on 13 December 2012. Keep in touch till the coded site gets decoded. - SHAON84 (