Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Microsoft Excel Un-Answered Searches: Regular Update

We keep searching some MS Excel matters and often end up with solution like Macro, VBA or "No Solution". Yes, here are some points I am still stuck on any one of stated option. I haven't given up, just keep searching and keep updating the below list. You can contribute with solution here in comment part.

Looking For Status More to Add
Shortcut for changing cell background color. I already know, "F4" for format copy and "Alt, H, H" way. But What is required is, use the same selected color in same file in repeated way. Looking for Solution

In Pivot table while you select column (in Pivot Environment) and drop to "Value" area, sometimes it shows as "Count". Is there any way to change the type of value calculation all at once? Like Sum, Count, Percentage for more than items together once; or a change in setting is also fine Looking for Solution

Unhide multiple sheets all at once. Looking for Solution

Try to contribute... and let the thirst for building efficiency continues.

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts: Regular Update

Excel shortcuts are amazing. We love to learn and keep learning. But the fact we don't like is, we forget is even faster just for lack of practicing. What if, we maintain a table of MS Excel shortcut and keep updating it, and look back while we need a particular one to revisit! Well, here I share mine.

Area Action Description Keys
Anything Redo Redo CTRL + Y
Cell Hide Hide one more digit of the number after decimal Alt, H, 9
Cell Move One Row Up SHIFT + Enter
Cell Select Select Cells: Select all Adjacent cells CTRL + SHIFT + End
Cell Show Applies the Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus sign (-) for negative values. CTRL + SHIFT + 1
Cell Show Show one more digit of the number after decimal Alt, H, 0
Column Hide/Unhide Hide/Unhide Column CTRL + 0 / CTRL + SHIFT + 0
Column Select Select Whole Column CTRL + Space
Dialogue Box Show Appear Move or Copy Sheet Window Alt, E, M
Dialogue Box Show Displays the Save As dialog box. F12
File Move Switches to the next workbook window when more than one workbook window is open. CTRL + TAB or CTRL + F6
Filter Add Add/Remove filter CTRL + SHIFT + L
Format Repeat Repeats the last command or action, if possible. F4
Formula Add Set Anchor ($) within a Formula. Use while your cursor in a cell in formula F4
Formula Show % Shows CRTL + SHIFT + 5
Formula Show Display Formulas CTRL + `
Formula Sum Sum All together Alt + "=" (Equal)
Menu Bar Hide/Unhide Displays or hides the Ribbon, a component of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. CTRL + F1
Mouse Action Show Shows Right Click options, if you don't have mouse SHIFT + F10
Pivot Select Selects the current region around the active cell (the data area enclosed by blank rows and blank columns). In a PivotTable, it selects the entire PivotTable report. CTRL + SHIFT + 8
Row Select Select Whole Row SHIFT + Space
Row Hide/Unhide Hide/Unhide Row CTRL + 9 / CTRL + SHIFT + 9
Row/Column Add Add Row/Column (After selecting row/column) CTRL + "+" (Plus)
Row/Column Freeze Freeze Rows and Column Alt, W, F, F
Table Border Table All Borders to Selected Cells Alt, H, B, A
Work Sheet Add Add New Sheet SHIFT + F11
Work Sheet Delete Deletes active Sheet Alt, E, L
Work Sheet Hide Hides Active/Selected Sheets Alt, O, H, H
Work Sheet Rename Rename Active Sheet Alt, O, H, R
Work Sheet Select Selects the current and next sheet in a workbook. CTRL + SHIFT + PAGE UP/DOWN
Work Sheet Show Show Hide/Unhide Sheet box Alt, O, H, U
Zoom View Show Appear Sheet Zoom View Dialogue Box Alt, V, Z

And I'll keep updating it while need to.