Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Avoid Website's Location Notification while Browsing

You often require to response a message at top left corner while browsing some websites with your desktop browser like below.

Image: Location Information Request in Chrome Browser
Most of the browsers have that option to pop-up this by default. You can avoid that permanently by following below steps.

Mozilla Firefox
  1. Write "about:config" in web address bar.
  2. Search "geo.enabled" from the list.
  3. Double click on the line and make the value "false".
  4. Close the tab, and that notification won't pop-up again.

Google Chrome
  1. Go Settings
  2. Select "Advanced" drop-down at page's end.
  3. Go Privacy and security > Content settings > Location > Disable "Ask before accessing"
  4. Close the tab and get rid of that notification.


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